Existing Websites

Businesses change; trends change; styles change.

Your website needs to keep evolving to keep pace.

For many reasons, a website can get out of date, or need new features added such as a blog, or a photo gallery to keep pace and stay fresh.

Making changes to your existing website can be a very quick and cost-effective way of keeping your message up to date, relevant and interesting.

Keep it fresh

Perhaps you are happy with your existing words and images, but would like to introduce a new colour scheme and layout, or maybe the other way round; you want to keep the existing colour scheme and layout but update the wording and images.

These are some of the types of work we undertake for clients with existing websites:

Work we undertake

Correct faults
Correct content or layout errors
Make your website more successful and competitive when people are searching for you
Replace or update words and images
Replace or update colour schemes and layouts

We can add:

a blog
a newsletter function for visitors to sign up to your newsletters
a photo gallery or slideshow
a discussion forum
an availability or booking calendar