How we work

The terminology of the Internet and websites can be confusing, daunting and off-putting, and that can prevent businesses and organisations from getting a website at all or it can result in them having a website that doesn’t meet their needs.

We listen to you

From the very start, we avoid using jargon; we talk about how a website can work for you and your business to achieve what you need it to achieve. With many years experience in business management our start point is to use our appreciation of what businesses need to succeed in order to help you to establish what a website should do for you and what to include to enable it to do the job you need it to.

Only then do we start focussing on how the site will be structured, look, work and be found by people searching the Internet. That way, we know that your web site will meet your business needs.

Our accent is on meeting the needs of your business through simplicity, clarity and great value.

Let’s get started

The start is to get in contact with us and we can arrange a no-commitment meeting to discuss your ideas and explain how we can help.

If you decide that you want work with us, the communication will continue throughout the design process with plenty of opportunity for you to contribute as many ideas as you want to the design.