New Websites

The jargon connected with websites can be daunting, confusing and off-putting.

This can result in businesses and organisations that need a website being put off from getting one, or paying too much, or getting something that isn’t focussed on their business need.

Based in Sussex, we design, build, launch, maintain and update websites and online shops that we create after assessing the needs of our clients’ businesses to produce websites that contribute to the success and working of their businesses.

What we offer

We offer all-inclusive fixed price websites and online shops with everything you need to get your business on the Internet quickly and effectively, including:

website design
website build
Internet hosting
email accounts
website maintenance
minor updates
friendly support and answers to your questions about your website


We offer packages that are all-inclusive and packed full of great features; our language is jargon-free; our service is personal, professional and friendly; our prices are clear, great value and simple.  Please contact us to find out more.